Ch. Inukpak's Colorado Dream
Katie was my first show dog, sled dog and the foundation of all my dogs today. She and I shared a bond that is special
beyond words. She taught me lessons that will never leave me, and goals that I will strive for as long as I own Malamutes.
She might not have been the most enthusiastic sled dog, but put her in the show ring, and you better hang on. Her
passion was showing and she did it up in to her Veteran years.
More importantly, Katie has left me her heart which is so apparent in her offspring.
From generation to generation you can see Katie in their actions and in their eyes.
Showing Katie in Veterans class was were she always wanted to be. She was undefeated in her classes for the entire time showing as a Veteran.
She even went Best of Opposite Sex at the Chicagoland Specialty out of Veterans Class.
Katie crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13 years. She joins her son Clark and waits for the rest to join her. She is greatly missed
and never far from our thoughts.