Ch. Akiak's Invincible Legacy
AMCA #9 Breed Dog - 2005
AMCA #1 Area Dog IL/WI - 2005
AMCA #11 in Top 20 Competion - 2005
Vince see's the world in a much different light than most Malamutes. He loves to play practical jokes - his sense of humor is one of
a kind, thank goodness!
He has had an OUTSTANDING 2005 in the show ring! Listed are his accomplishments while I just hung on to his leash for the ride of a life time!
Ch. Tazar's Inh'airyted Fortune
Ch. Kasaan's Fortune Hunter
Ch. Ziljo N Kasaan's Windsong
Ch. Storm Kloud's One More Time
Ch. O Artic Wind's Northern Light
Ch. O Artic Winds Precious Moment
Ch. O Artic Winds In Hairyted Legacy
Ch. Glacier's Miami Ice
Ch. Glacier's Tropical Storm
Ch. Glacier's Optical Aleutian
Ch. WhPeak's Cimarron of Inukpak
Ch. Inukpak's Colorado Dream
Ch. WhPeak's Kachina of Inukpak
Ch. Akiak's High Plains Dancer
Ch.Akiak's Invincible Legacy (Vince)
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